Sushi Dogs, also called Sooshes, are tiny canine creatures that resemble foods and drinks from around the globe. Sushi Dogs are named as such because they are roughly the size of a single piece of sushi. They are iconically known for having closed eyes, colorful cheeks, and swirl bandanas. The Sushi Dog online community consists of collectors and artists who enjoy making artwork of and trading Sushi Dog characters; only authorized moderators can create official Sushi Dogs, which adds to their rarity.

In April 2017, I became a moderator of the deviantArt groups and extended my web development skills through projects for two different facets of the community:

Sushi Dogs were created by Jess / SpikedPeach / blushsprout and are co-lead by Bryanna "Noxi" Davidson / UFOKitten and Nomen / Suburgatory.

SooshARPG Tools

Last Updated: 3/2/2018

An assortment of user-friendly and moderator-friendly tools, separated into different webpages for easier linking, done so that the tools from previous projects were updated and relieved of the excessive need for individual Google Spreadsheet trackers.