Pepper's Notes

Hey guys, it's Pepper here. This system is very broken and needs to be changed. Using probability, if a person were to spend every single day rolling for just Gathering, it would take them 14 years until they'd make it to hero. Getting all the skills to hero would take 35 years. Even just going from Apprentice to Whiz in one skill takes approximately 7 months and 2 weeks - which makes sense why no one has levelled up to Whiz cause you'd get bored by then.

url for status inflictions All debuffs happen when a 1 is rolled; All buffs happen when a 20 is rolled.

Buff/Debuff NameConditions it can be obtained
Lucky Duckbuff for Angling, Mining, Wood-Cutting, Gathering
Unlucky Duck???
Lazy Borkdebuff for Crafting, Angling, Mining, Wood-Cutting, Gathering
Happy Camper???
Spooked Pupperdebuff for if soosh is too low level going into a specific area (not implemented in the roller)
BEES!!!debuff for Hunting
Strong Senses???
Magic Pawsbuff for Crafting
Lunar Mothbuff for Hunting
  • - Please confirm the accuracy of the information in the above table
  • - What is the NEGATIVE STATUS for Companion Handling?

Dailies Roller

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